The odds, "sede vacante*

Scola, 3-1; Turkson, 3-1; Bertone, 4-1; Oulette, 8-1.

A couple of other Italians- Ravasi and Bagnasco- are moving up, at 10-1.

Scola's ascension to co-leader, Bertone's leap into the top three, and the sudde prominence of Ravasi and Bagnosco reinforce my hunch that after two consecutive non-Italian popes, the College of Cardinals will be unlikely to elect a third.

Incidentally, you don't usually get an American as high as 25-1, but according to Paddy Power that's where Boston's Capuchin Archbishop, Sean O'Malley, stands right now.

The College of Cardinals will meet Monday to deal with administrative matters (they collectively govern the church as the "General Congregation" until a new pope is chosen). No word yet on when the conclave will begin.

*"The chair being vacant."

HT: Paddy Power


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