This is NOT the same Trayvon Martin as the one George Zimmerman killed!

The picture above (and several similar ones) were taken from the Facebook page of somebody named Trayvon Martin.

But NOT the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman killed.

The pictures have been circulated widely all over the internet, and I have used them in this blog. I have no idea whether the confusion between the two Trayvon Martins was  was an honest mistake or not. Yes, I, too, am frustrated by the complicity of the media in the deceit that Trayvon Martin was a "child" (he was seventeen years old), or some kind of model citizen (he had a number of scrapes with authority which do not paint him in a favorable light, but which have been largely ignored). But that does not justify those who are concerned about that in manufacturing evidence of their own.

I, too, amd frustrated by those pictures of Martin as a twelve year-old which are incessantly run by the media, and by the apparent decision by many in the media and outside them that because Martin was African-American and George Zimmerman is white, Martin must have been completely innocent and Zimmerman a stone cold murderer. But two wrongs do not make a right.

I am endeavoring to add a disclaimer or remove all posts on this blog using these and the other photos of the other Trayvon Martin. And it seems to me that anybody concerned about justice being done in this case will want to do the same as regards any use of these photos for which they might be responsible.


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