Class- and sometimes a lack of it- surround the Bush library dedication

Columnist and Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan- herself class personified- holds forth on Obama fatigue and George W. Bush's return from the public opinion doghouse.

Joseph Curl of the Washington Times on how Dubyah outlclassed both Clinton and Obama at the Bush Library dedication the other day "without even trying."

Eugene Robinson exhibits the partisan lack of class we've come to expect from Lefties on the subject of Bush 43.

Not so Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, who tempers her disappointment at Dubyah's rhetoric concerning  the Katrina mess (one of many highly debatable criticisms of the younger Bush which somehow tends to go unrebutted) with high and very classy praise of his commitment to helping the victims and solving the problems  Katrina left in its wake.

And our 43rd president himself- continuing to be the soul of class despite the overwhelming temptation to defend himself in the face of the slander and ridicule which if anything has increased with his departure from office- continues to say of his time in office, "History will judge."

And Charles Krauthammer thinks that history will judge Mr. Bush well.  I especially recommend a look at the Krauthammer column, which does an excellent job of holding Democrats and other leftists accountable for their disingenuous criticism of the man.

And Krauthammer is not alone; Dubyah's closest aides are upbeat about how their former boss will appear in distant retrospect.

The less said about the timing of this item in the Washington Post, the better.

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