Decent people mourn with Rick Warren. Indecent ones taunt him instead.

As readers of this blog well know, I am not exactly a fan of megachurch pastor and author Rick Warren, whose theology falls a great deal short of being biblical. But like fellow Christians and simply decent fellow human beings everywhere, I, too, grieve for Pastor Warren and his wife, Kay, at hearing the news of the suicide of their youngest son, Matthew.

Matthew had apparently struggled with depression all his life. Nobody who has ever had a brush with that devastating ailment can wonder that it could drive even a minister's son to such a step. There is literally no suffering on earth as agonizing.

But not everybody is a decent human being. We're reminded of that every time a public Christian or a prominent conservative dies; the social media seems to overflow with the venom that flows from the haters of the Left, who themselves so readily misuse the word "hate" in an effort to discredit anyone who disgrees with them.

It's happened again. The lack of class and the outright meanness which characterizes so many Leftists and fanatical unbelievers is pouring out at the Warrens from all over the social media.

It's almost as sad as Matthew Warren's tragic death.


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