Lest we forget...

The Blackhawks clinched their division title Friday night, beating arch-rival Detroit in a shootout, 3-2.

Not that there was any doubt about who would win the division after the Hawks' record start, not losing a game in regulation through their first 24.

Now the focus has to be on winning the President's Trophy (best record in the NHL), and home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. And, of course, a Jennings Trophy (fewest regular season goals)  for Corey Crawford (who I wanted to get rid of before the season) and Ray Emery,  and a Vezina Trophy (best goaltender) for Corey.

They took a big step in that direction this morning, beating what I still think is the best team in the division (at least on paper), the St. Louis Blues, 2-0 down in Missouri.



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