Rest in peace, Baroness Thatcher

Winston Churchill was a greater prime minister than Margaret Thatcher was. There might be a few- Disraeli, Gladstone, Walpole, and the Pitts come to mind- who were her equal.

But not many.

When Britain was in full decline, she was graced with a prime minister who hated that fact, and fought it tooth and nail. Ask the Argentines whether the bulldog still had a bite that far past retirement age! Like her contemporary on this side of the pond, Ronald Reagan, Baroness Thatcher injected not only some steel into her nation's backbone, but a badly-needed bit of self-confidence and a little healthy swagger.

Like Reagan- the greatest president of my lifetime, and one of the greatest in our history- she endured a great deal of abuse from those who thought that wasting government resources in ways that helped nobody and even hurt them in significant ways was a Moral Duty. But she knew better. Like Reagan, she sometimes went to far. But it was not for want of a heart. Rather, it's because she had a brain- an organ which, though it makes fewer mistakes than the unaided heart, is also fallible. The abuse from those less so endowed continues, aimed at her record and her legacy. But history tends to drown out the shrill whine of such people even as it extols the greatness of leaders like  Margaret Thatcher

And at a moment when America seems to be in terminal decline- moral as well as economic and political- we on this side of the pond have wound up, alas, with Barack Obama.

If such a moment has to come in the life of a nation, I envy the Brits the leadership they got when their parallel moment came, as much as I mourn the fact that we have done so poorly.

The morally challenged on the Left literally cheered when Ronald Reagan died. They're doing the same thing now. But as was the case with Mr. Reagan, Margaret Thatcher's greatness only stands out more boldly against the backdrop of their pathetic smallness.

Baronness Thatcher died this morning in London at the age of 87, following a stroke. She leaves a world, an alliance and a nation strengthened and enobled by her presence. May she rest in peace.

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