Superbug gonorrhea can kill. Fast.

Scientists are calling HO41- a gonorrhea superbug found thus far in Japan, Hawaii and Norway- a disease "worse than AIDS."

The extremely aggressive strain "might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days," says one clinician. And, of course, it resists treatment with antibiotics.

Get it, and you just may have it for life- however long that may turn out to be. "Safe sex" does protect against it. But I'm not confident that it will help much; when it comes to sexual behavior, our society is not exactly notable these days for its smarts.

So will a societal acceptance of what would have been considered promiscuity only a generation ago be stopped by this development? My guess is no. From the feminization of poverty due to out-of-wedlock births to the evolution of marriage from a lifetime commitment  to a form of serial monogamy to the likely weakening of monogamy itself as a component of marriage due to the trend toward extending that status to gay men, our society has shown a remarkable reluctance to be deterred by increasing evidence that contemporary sexual mores are just plain self-destructive.


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