The trial of "the most successful serial klller in history" is being ignored by the media

The murder trial of Philadelphia abortionist and flat-out newborn murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell has begun, but the media are ignoring it.

Infant beheadings. Babies aborted after the point where it was legal. Jars of pickled babies' feet. Newly-delivered infants literally screaming while they were butchered alive. An operating room withn "blood and fetuses all over the place." Dr. Gosnell joking about how an infant he was in the act of killing was "big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop." But little if any national news coverage.

This case isn't about whether you're pro-life or pro-choice. It's about fundamental decency. It should shock the nation- including morally healthy pro-choice folks.. It should inform a debate currently being misinformed  by Planned Parenthood's claims that late-term abortions are "rare," and therefore not worth getting worked up about.

The area set aside in the courtroom for the media was empty on the trial's first day..

When Lutheran theojournalist Molly Ziegler Hemingway tweeted Washington Post national health policy reporter Sarah Kliff, asking why she has shown such little interest in the case, Kliff explained that its only "a local crime story."

Like the OJ trial, or Son of Sam, or Trayvon Martin, or the Newtown shootings?

If this isn't a national news story, nothing is. So why the silence from the national media, who are so quick to jump on any story with national implications which promote the agenda of abortion on demand or same-sex "marriage?"

If Ted Bundy and  David Berkowicz and John Wayne Gacy and the Zodiac Killer are national news, why isn't the man Terry Moran calls "the most successful serial killer in history?"

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