We kinda need some good news here...

I notice quite a few hits from Bethesda, Maryland on my post yesterday about those scientists saying that the war against "superbug" bacteria being unwinnable.

If you're from  the NIH... tell us those guys are wrong, folks.


(PHOTO: MRSA, aka Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus

ADDENDUM: Most likely most visitors from the NIH- or any other visitors who were at all scientifically literate- visited this blog to  "tsk, tsk" at the idiotic title I somehow gave that post, which referred to "super bug viruses."  There is no such no such thing, and the term doesn't even make sense.

The super bugs to which I referred are, of course, by definition bacteria. No virus can be treated with antibiotics, by definition.


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