Will Obama fatigue leave America Bushed? I hope so!

Rupert Cornwell of The Independent asks whether America is ready for a third President Bush- Jeb.

He is wrong about one thing: Jeb is not the favorite at this point to win the 2016 GOP nomination. That would be Marco Rubio, followed by Paul Ryan and- scary thought- Rand Paul. But Jeb- "the smart Bush-" might well be the Republican's best shot at winning back the White House.

A humble, intelligent,  politically savvy  man who is as articulate as his brother is tongue-tied, Jeb could be just the guy to make Hillary Clinton look like the extremist she is. Nor will his name be quite the disadvantage many think. The polls show Dubyah's own popularity on the rise- and although I'm sure the Democrats will do all they can to try to obscure this point, Jeb isn't Dubyah.

Absurdly early as it is, at this point Jeb has my endorsement.

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