Yes, apparently we DO miss him!

Jay Leno's stupid jokes about him last night or not, a recent poll shows George W. Bush's approval rating  tied with President Obama's.

History has a way of giving perspective. I've always maintained that it would be kind to Mr. Bush. And I don't think it will be nearly as kind to Mr. Obama as the chattering classes would like.

Good news for Jeb Bush as he prepares for 2016. And no matter how discouraged Republicans (and those who value our culture) may be by the results of the 2012 election, it's worth bearing in mind how seldom either party has historically managed to win three consecutive terms in the White House.

My one worry (besides our nation's rapid decline into post-modern ethical and intellectual nihilism on the gay "marriage" and other fronts) is  the capacity of the Republican Right for self-defeating orgies of ideological self-indulgence. Too many GOP contenders would rather be extreme Right than president.

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