HUZZAH! Jack is back! Fox announces return of '24!'

Jack Bauer may be coming in from the cold.

Fox  has announced that a limited new 12 "hour" season of '24' will be broadcast beginning in May of 2014.

The series, which ended with renegade Federal agent Jack Bauer a wanted fugitive after, rather extreme tactics to expose a conspiracy involving the White House to cover up Russian involvement in the murder of a charismatic, peace-seeking Islamic statesman, had a large and extremely devoted following throughout its eight year run.

The cancellation of Kieffer Sutherland's current series, 'Touch," makes him available to reprise the role of Bauer. Plans to produce a full-length theatrical film using the characters from the series had come to nothing.

I am one of many who regarded '24' as one of the finest series in television history.Each episode encompassed a 24-hour period in the life of the tormented and morally conflicted Bauer, who lost his wife during the series' first season, and thereafter found himself over and doing whatever was necessary to protect the safety of the United States from a variety of threats by terrorists and others.  On occasion, that included torture, a fact which was unpopular among many liberals despite the fact that many of them were loyal fans. Bill Clinton was a confirmed Jack Bauer addict, and leftist actress and commentator Janeanne Garafolo was actually a series regular fpr a while.

This is one Jack Bauer addict who can hardly wait. If only we could have gotten him to Benghazi....


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