The battle for common sense- and survival- in the GOP

This guy speaks for me.

So does this guy. Bill Scher, I mean. Not (shudder) Rand Paul.

Being out of power has cut Republicans off from any motivation to be rational. Ideological self-indulgence is the order of the day. And while I understand the ascendancy of libertarianism- an ideology I despise- in this self-centered, post-modern, "anything goes" society, it does nothing to help the GOP serve as a bulwark against cultural anarchy.

I'm not going to become a brain-dead ideologue. Not gonna happen. And I share Mr. Scher's concern that the nomination of Paul- whose popularity with Republicans is positively scary- would lead to the breakup of the Republican party- and assure the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

HT: Real Clear Politics


Jeff D said…
It's really a shame that the GOP could crack up, but only because Republicans in my state government are doing a decent job lately. I still vote for those guys most of the time.
I would think that leaving Obama's Democrats as the only major political party in America might also be part of the downside. But then, Obama apparently didn't frighten the Paulista's last November.

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