The real story about the Pentagon's conflicting statements about religious freedom

The Pentagon having issued diametrically conflicting statements about its policy on members of the military sharing their faith with others, and the Left trying to argue that the whole thing is a tempest in a teapot, here is the story of what's really going on with anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein, Secretary of Defense Chuch Hagel, the military, and the issue of "proseletizing/evangelism."

The old razzle-dazzle- confuse the public with contradictory statements until they think that a legitimate concern is merely an extremist hallucination- is a favorite tactic of the Obama administration. They used it quite effectively to deny pharmacists and employers their First Amendment right to refrain from paying for or dispensing the morning-after pill and other forms of birth control which violate their religious convictions.

Now they're trying it with religious freedom in the military.

Note that the actual policy does not forbid proseletyzing, as Weinstein calls  it- yet. So why tell the public that it does?  And if telling us that was a mistake, why try to cover it up with a distinction without a real difference?


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