I could understand if this happened in Canada. But not in a free country.

An eighth-grader in West Virginia is facing a year in jail for refusing to remove an NRA T-shirt when ordered to do so by Leftist teachers and school administrators.

In fairness, the police respond that it wasn't so much refusing to remove the shirt that got the kid in trouble with the law, but how he responded to the police. Now, I certainly do not condone being rude to policemen. But unless he was physically violent, it's a tough sell to say that even rudeness to police merits a year in jail- especially if the officers were on the wrong side of the law in seeking to enforce the school's unconstitutional actions.

It seems that freedom of religion isn't the only basic human right under attack from the American Left.  Freedom of speech is in trouble, too.

You'd think this was Canada or something. Or maybe Chicago, or some other place which doesn't value free speech.

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ADDENDUM: It seems that the kid's "interference with the duties of a policeman" consisted in his not shutting up when told to, and thus wasting the officer's time through malicious verbosity.

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