Time to apply the Dan Quayle test to pro-amnesty group

As the movie Man of Steel debuts, a pro-amnesty group is pointing out Superman is an illegal alien.

Somehow, my mind can't help wandering back to when Sen. Dan Quayle of Indiana criticized TV Land for having Murphy Brown (remember her?) become an unwed mother.

Bad example, Quayle said. The Democrats and other lefties immediately cited this as evidence that Quayle was stupid, since he wasn't aware that Ms. Brown was a fictional character.


This is the same bunch that claimed that  Quayle couldn't spell "potato" because in judging a spelling bee he relied on the answer sheet he was given by the organizers, which incorrectly spelled it with an "e" on the end. The Left has never let a little thing like fairness get in the way of its penchant for using ad hominems in order to win arguments they can't win on the merits.

But still, what's good for the goose, y'know? Doesn't this mean that the members of that pro-amnesty group are stupid, because they don't know that Superman is a fictional character?

And if not, isn't it 'way past time for the Left to apologize to Dan Quayle?

HT: Drudge


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