Abby Normal, average citizen

There's a scene in Mel Brooks' classic "Young Frankenstein" in which the Doctor (Gene Wilder) asks Igor (Marty Feldman) what name was on the jar containing the brain which he took for the monster after dropping that containing the brain of philosopher and saint Hans Delbruck. "Abby somebody," Igor replies. "Abby who?," the Doctor asks. "Abby Normal," Igor sheepishly replies.

It was in December of 1973 that a majority  of the American Psychiatric Association Board politically stacked in favor of change voted to remove homosexuality from the official list of psychiatric disorders.  WHen the APA convention voted to submit the decision to a referendum of the membership, a gay lobbying group called the National Gay Task Force obtained the APA mailing list sent a letter to the membership appearing to come from the APA Board saying in part that would be a serious and potentially embarrassing step for our profession to vote down a decision which was taken after serious and extended consideration by the bodies within our organization designated to consider such matters.

The letter succeeded in substantially suppressing the vote. Only 10,555 of the APA's 17,905 eligible members voted. 58% voted to sustain the Board's decision, even though polls of the APA membership continued for years thereafter to reveal that the majority still personally considered homosexuality to be a psychiatric disorder.

The idea that homosexuality is abnormal  was ruthlessly suppressed in succeeding years. A chronology of events leading to the homosexualist coup in the APA leading to this emphatically political rather than scientific decision can be found here.

Now we, as a culture, are on the verge of redefining society's most basic institution- marriage- in order to include gay couples- most of whom aren't interested in it, but will certainly welcome the final step in declaring their sexual predilections the social equivalent of heterosexuality.

As time has gone on, more and more behavior once considered deviant has come to be considered merely diverse. We seem rapidly to be losing our capacity for considering anything perverse instead.

The American Spectator has an interesting article on the phenomenon here. We, as a culture, are losing our minds.

Hopefully there's still a chance for some of our souls.