Earth to the media: Zealot is Islamic apologetics, not history

Reza Aslan is author of the bestseller Zealot, an attack on Christianity which had become a best-seller and is being touted by the secular media as a scholarly work of objective history.

The trouble is, Aslan isn't a trained historian, and there's nothing objective about it. Zealot is a work of Muslim apologetics, an attack on those aspects of Christianity which Aslan's Islamic faith disagrees with. And it's based on- Aslan's opinion.

But you'd never know it from the liberal media.

As John S. Dickenson points out in the article linked to above, if a Christian wrote a similar book attacking Islamic beliefs about Mohammed, you can pretty well count on the media making the author's bias quite clear and dismissing it as sectarian screed. In fact, the author's life would be in danger. Riots would break out all over the Islamic world, and there would be no danger that anybody would take the book as anything but a Christian attack on Islam.

Yet Zealot- which is nothing more or less than an Islamic attack on Christianity- is somehow being treated as objective history by the media, whose interest in attacking the Christian faith apparently outweighs any obligation they might feel to even mention the essential conflict of interest involved in a Muslim undertaking an "objective" biography of Jesus.

It's kind of hard to believe that they don't know what they're doing- or not doing. The media's lack of professionalism and even ethics when it comes to pushing their social agenda is nothing short of astounding.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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