The insanity continues

In Baltimore, an Hispanic man is beaten by a gang of African-Americans yelling, "This is for Trayvon."

A white man in Mississippi is kidnapped and beaten in retaliation for the Zimmerman verdict.

In South L.A.,  cars are stomped on, bystanders attacked, and a Wal-Mart stormed by demonstrators unhappy with the verdict. Victims included two local CBS journalists.

The insanity isn't all on one side, either. Legendary musician Lester Chambers was attacked by a member of his audience and hospitalized after dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman's parents are in hiding for fear of their lives.

Maya Angelou- quite properly upset over the racial profiling aspect of the incident- apparently doesn't understand that the jury found that it wasn't because he was black that Martin was shot, but rather because he was trying to kill George Zimmerman.

Incredibly, a suburban Chicago church has displayed a message on its marquee saying, "It's safe to
kill BLACK PEOPLE in America."

When they're in the act of trying to kill you, it jolly well ought to be! White people, too- and purple, orange and mauve ones!

The irrationality of the reaction to the verdict is profound. Based on the evidence, no other verdict was possible. And however deplorable any role racial profiling might have played in the incident is, do the demonstrators really believe that if you're African-American, it ought to be safe to assault someone, break their nose, pound their head on concrete, and put them in reasonable fear of their lives?

And even if they choose not to believe the preponderance of evidence that Trayvon Martin did exactly those things to George Zimmerman, by what logic to they jump to the conclusion that Zimmerman is lying? Is it because he's white?

One can sympathize with the pent-up frustration and rage. But unless one believes in lynch law, there is no excuse for reacting this way to a verdict that was not only reasonable but inevitable, given the fact that there was never a case against George Zimmerman in the first place.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that the prosecution in the case excused a potential juror- an African-American- for watching Fox News,

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ADDENDUM: Here is the most sensible piece I have ever seen on the whole tragic incident.

If taken to heart, it can be a kind of anti-psychotic medication for the current insanity.


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