The Left's attempt to lynch George Zimmerman

National Review's Rick Lowry gets the Zimmerman trial fiasco exactly right.

Another good summary of the evidence can be found here.

George Zimmerman acted like a jerk, and somebody died. He can't escape the moral responsibility for that fact. But there is no conclusive evidence that he did anything that deserves actual imprisonment. In fact, the bulk of the evidence seems to indicate otherwise

Trayvon Martin, on the other hand, sat on Zimmerman and bashed his head against the concrete. That's the tale the bullet wound tells. Zimmerman  didn't get that broken nose and those wounds on his scalp because he was beating on Trayvon with his head!

While the witnesses differ, it was clear from the outset that there was nothing resembling enough evidence against Zimmerman to get a conviction. Even liberal stalwarts like Alan Derschowicz have said that the charges shouldn't have been brought . We've know all along that there was reasonable doubt at the very least.

But the Left and the media have long since convicted Zimmerman anyway on the basis of what they wanted to be the facts. Now the case has blown up in the prosecution's face, and even the attorney for the Martin family admits that the incident "wasn't about race."

And the drive to lynch George Zimmerman continues, fueled by the myth that the incident was racial and that Zimmerman, not Martin, was the one who flipped out. And the sad thing is that George Zimmerman will never again be safe because of it. There will be a massive outcry if he is convicted, even though the evidence allows no other verdict.

If somebody kills Zimmerman, I wonder whether anybody at, say, MSNBC will be tried for it.

Naw. The Left can be as reckless as it wants, with no consequences.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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