Through the Trayvon Martin looking-glass

Well, the NAACP is right about one thing.

The Trayvon Martin case is indeed a modern lynching.

But the victim is George Zimmerman. The facts don't seem to matter to the Left; its determination to make Zimmerman a cold-blooded racist assassin and Trayvon Martin an innocent victim transcend any allegiance to reality. It's a key ingredient in the current Leftist Kool-Aid; the facts simply don't matter

I don't see how anybody who paid the slightest attention to the trial could miss the point that there was never a case against Zimmerman. The trial should never have happened.

I am beginning to wonder whether the  Left is channeling George Orwell on this case. Zimmerman was acquitted because the evidence left no other option.

Can you say "Duke lacrosse team?"

Or given Al Sharpton's involvement, how about Tawana Brawley?

Criminal trials need to result in verdicts based on the evidence. Nothing good results when they become political crusades- especially when those crusades have so little to do with the facts.

That way lies the lynch mob. And given the African-American community's experience with that particular institution, it's ironic that so many African-Americans are so intent on walking it.

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