How far the Civl Rights Movement has fallen since the March on Washington!

There have been few issues in my lifetime that have been as clear cut- as obvious a confrontation between good and evil in which it was so clear which was the side of the angels- as the Civil Rights Movement of the 'Sixties. It was a great thing, back in 1963, to behold Dr. King standing there at the Lincoln Memorial at the conclusion of the March on Washington and giving his "I Have a Dream Speech." The 'Sixties would prove to be a decade of assassinations and riots and tragedy. Before it was over Dr. King himself would share the fate of the man at the feet of whose giant statue he spoke that day.

But there, in March of 1963, one knew that one was beholding a good kind of history. The country would never be the same- and for once in the 'Sixties, that was a good thing.

It's been downhill from there. Now, false charges of racism are the currency of the political Left, a trusty weapon to be pulled out whenever the Cause is threatened by politically incorrect reality. The NAACP has decided, against all logic, to make a travesty of the struggle for equal rights by officially equating same-sex "marriage" with racial justice. A young black man- however he may have been provoked- tries to murder a white man and is killed in self-defense. Somehow the would-be killer is proclaimed to be innocent, and the man who defended himself is said to be a murderer- all because of the respective colors of their skins.

The principle emphatically does not work in reverse. Not even when everybody agrees who the murderers are.

First OJ, and then Trayvon Martin. No more is equality the issue. No more to the facts even matter. Now all that counts is exploiting a once noble cause in the service of subsequent causes that are in no way worthy of it.

Physicists tell us that all things are subject to entropy.. Given enough time, even the most beautiful and worthy of things tend to fall apart.

As Jonathan Tobin points out, the same seems to holds true, for the civil rights movement. Al Sharpton is a poor substitute for Martin Luther King, and what passes for the civil rights movement today is wholly unworthy of the March on Washington.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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