Pray for the Coptic Christians

The Islamofascists in Egypt continue to humiliate and persecute the Christian community.

The fight in the West to avoid the temptation to identify Islam as such with behavior like this is tough enough without the Egyptian Islamists acting like barbarians. Last night I watched a PBS special on the life of Mohammed which went to great lengths to emphasize how much both he and the Koran disapproved of this kind of thing.

This does not help.

In the meantime, while serious Christians in the West complain (and rightly so) about the disrespect, misrepresentation, and mockery to which they and the Faith are increasingly exposed by the ignorant and the bigoted, it provides a bit of perspective to be reminded that there are those whose cross is quite a bit heavier.

Who knows? It might even remind us that to be a Christian is to be called to bear the cross.

HT: Drudge


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