There might just be a connection

It's a pattern being repeated over and over in every Christian denomination: African Presbyterians are firmly and resolutely upholding the Faith Once Delivered on issues like abortion and homosexuality, even while their American counterparts are falling all over themselves in an effort to repudiate it.

There's actually a small Anglican denomination in Virginia that was organized  under the supervision of an African bishop because he, at least, was more or less orthodox!

This might have something to do with the fact that the Church's growth in Africa is nothing short of explosive, while the rapidly shrinking American Church still hasn't figured out that selling out to the culture and mistaking salesmanship and gimmicks for evangelism is no substitute for standing for something and having something of substance to actually offer people.

One of my African roommates in seminary seriously suggested that in a generation his people would be sending missionaries to the United States. I think he's right. 

And we need them- now!

HT: Real Clear Religion


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