The polar bears are saved! It's a miracle!

It seems that the polar ice cap has staged a comeback. A big, BIG comeback. And it's done it in a single year.

Five'll get you ten the climate change alarmists won't even have the grace to admit that there's egg all over their faces. You're still stupid if you don't buy the worst-case scenario sola fide.

To borrow an expression from the Intelligent Design debate, there seems to be reason to wonder whether the notion that we're headed for ecological disaster is falsifiable. No matter what evidence turns up to refute their position, there is always some reason why it doesn't count.

Now, I say this on a day on which Des Moines is expected to set a record for the latest 100 degree day in recorded history. This has been a very bizarre summer- cool, for the most part, followed by a September which thus far has been virtually infernal. "Global weirding," as some people call it (since "global warming" confuses people, often being characterized by abnormally stormy and even cold temperatures), is undoubtedly real.

But stuff like this might reasonably be expected to make thoughtful people wonder whether the sky is really falling.

HT: Real Clear Politics


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