''Way up north in the land of nuggets...."

Siskiyou County in far Northern California- famous for its role in the gold strikes of 1849 and thereabouts- feels that it's underrepresented and not listened to in Sacramento. So it wants to secede from the state.

Siskiyou wants other counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon to join it.

Unlike the Confederacy's attempted secession from the Union in 1861, the secession of a county from a state has a legal basis.  Legend to the contrary, however, it is not true that Jones County in Mississippi, Winston County in Alabama, or any of the other various counties in the South other than Virginia where a majority of the population were loyal to the Union actually seceded from the Confederacy. A post-war attempt by a region of Tennessee to secede and form its own state never was recognized, The northwestern region of Virginia, however, remained loyal to the Union when Virginia seceded, and was admitted to it as the State of West Virginia.

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