Will an airman who opposes marriage redefinition be court-martialed for it?

This is from the Christian News- a far, far Right renegade Missouri Synod publication with a record of...well, lurid excess. So take it with a grain of salt.

But it seems that a veteran Air Force sergeant with a lesbian commander may be court-martialed for his opposition to gay "marriage." Apparently he's already undergone unspecified "punishment" for declining to answer the commander's question about whether he agrees that opposition to gay "marriage" is "discrimination," and whether a chaplain who opposes it is a "bigot."

This is the kind of thing we can expect to continue, since 1) the Left is determined to continue its thus far largely successful tactic of confusing the issues of homosexual orientation (which is not voluntary) and homosexual behavior (which is); and 2) it therefore insists on treating disapproval of either as bigotry. While it's allowed by the mainstream media (which also confuses the two) to get away with this, the Left will feel, act, and be largely treated as justified in dealing with those who disagree with it on the marriage redefinition issue not as people with whom they are having a debate and who are entitled to their position, but rather as horrible, evil neo-Klansmen.

Given the terms of the debate as defined by the Left, they cannot help but engage in the essentially fascist tactics of the commander, of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in his controversy with Chick-fil-A, and others who censor and slander those who urge consideration of all the arguments and issues involved in marriage redefinition instead of rushing to the politically correct but often ill-informed and emotionally reason conclusions the Left favors.


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