Christie withdraws gay "marriage" appeal. Is Jeb the only viable option left for sane Republicans in 2016?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie- who has been on my (very) short list for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination- has ordered the withdrawal of an appeal of the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex "marriages."

Christie says that he continues to disagree with the decision, but that since he court has ruled his duty is to enforce the ruling. The court is, after all, the final arbiter of the meaning specifically of New Jersey's constitution. Drudge's headline that Christie has "embraced" gay "marriage" is thus not merely misleading, but downright false. Nevertheless, Christie's explanation smacks of the weasel-like reasoning which pro-abortion Catholic Democrats are fond of using to rationalize their support of what their faith teaches is legalized murder.

That a state Supreme Court should issue a mistaken or even downright unconstitutional ruling is neither new nor surprising. But- as Mario Cuomo and his imitators conveniently forget- the moral duty of a  governor or other public official includes the obligation to work to right a legal wrong even while enforcing the law as it is presently written.

It's the failure of those pro-abortion Catholic Democrats to recognize that which makes them non-viable as recipients of my vote. Whether or not Christie does so will determine whether he will remain a viable option for me as a candidate for the White House in 2016.

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