Gay "marriage" and Massachusetts

It's not just people of the same gender are allowed to be "married."

It's not just the media refusing to report or acknowledge arguments against it, or people who think that it's a bad idea being intimidated into silence, resulting in what is increasingly becoming a one-sided debate.

If you have religious objections to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, you can be fired from your job for expressing them. Schools actively promote homosexuality as normal- and the courts have ruled that, because it's legal, parents have no right to object. The First Amendment's guarantees of freedom of speech and religion are no protection.

This video on the experience of Massachusetts with same-sex "marriage" contains arguments I don't agree with (for one thing, I think it's perfectly reasonable that people taking the bar exam should answer questions regarding existing law on the subject, however they might feel about it). But this video is a worthwhile look at what's happened in Massachusetts since same-sex "marriage" was imposed on the state by judicial fiat in 2004.

BTW, Massachusetts has the largest percentage of its gay population that actually gets married of any legal juristiction on Earth. That percentage is not quite 18%. In Europe, it's closer to five percent.

The demand for same-sex marriage is not for same-sex marriage. It's for the mainstreaming of gay sex- and the stigmatizing and silencing of those with traditional sexual values.

Terrorism and intimidation just aren't cool, no matter what the excuse. And neither are the totalitarian tactics used by government in Boston, Chicago and elsewhere to promote marriage deconstruction.

Nor are"equal rights' is an argument for the effective negation of the First Amendment- or for cries of "discrimination" against people with moral problems, not with people's isexual orientation, of others, but rather specific behaviors- and with the idea that the state has the right to impose values and beliefs on its citizens, and to silence those who dissent.


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