Is the tea the Tea Party named after the kind you drink or the kind you smoke?

World War II vets can't visit the World War II memorial. Kids participating in cancer drug trials are finding them delayed while their disease rages on. People who depend on government checks to live aren't getting them. And for what?

The bottom line is that the insane notion of forcing a government shutdown in order to modify Obamacare- something that simply isn't going to happen until its opponents get the votes in both houses- is as destructive and cruel as it is pointless. The shutdown needs to end- NOW. The GOP needs to cave. Its position has no merit. None.

Deal with Obamacare after the 2014 elections. There is no way you will be able to until then. All you can do with this shut-down business and playing games with the debt limit  is to hurt people- and not least of all, yourselves.


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