Is there such a thing as "loose cannon law" in the Catholic church?

First atheists can go to heaven. Then everybody should follow their own code of right and wrong. And of course, there's that need to not be "obsessed with doctrine," and the notion that proselytizing by Christians is misguided.

Conservative Catholics are beginning to wonder about this "loose cannon" Pope.

And not without reason.

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Jeff D said…
I think two of your links are busted.

It seems like it would be a contradiction for a conservative Catholic to wonder about the Pope. He's the Pope, right?
A pope who seems to contradict basic and long-settled points of doctrine every time he opens his mouth.

According to Catholic teaching, the pope is only infallible when he says he is. Off-the-cuff comments don't count. Pope Benedict actually said when he was elected that he would never claim infallibility for anything he said, because he is only a man. I rather like Benedict.

Thanks for pointing out the problem with the links. I'll see about fixing them.

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