It's only hurting the average American

The Department of the Treasury is warning that a failure to raise the debt limit resulting in another national default could have consequences for the economy worse than the Great Recession.

Partisan hyperbole? Perhaps. But even so, this wholly artificial crisis undertaken for the purpose of somehow blackmailing a majority of the Senate unwilling to modify Obamacare into doing so cannot help but fail. And at the very least, our national credit rating is going to be downgraded again.

All this Obamacare defunding business  will do is to hurt ordinary, every day Americans. It will not and cannot succeed in stopping or substantially modifying Obamacare.

Repeal or modify Obamacare after the 2014 mid-term elections, Republicans, when you have the votes. Don't put the country through the meat-grinder in a doomed attempt to win the battle now by holding the lives of ordinary Americans- and our national credit- hostage .


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