Richard Dawkins is sure Obama is an atheist- and that JFK was, too

Thus speaks the Western world's most intentionally obnoxious unbeliever.

I'll let POTUS answer the question of whether he's an atheist or not, and accept whatever answer he gives. My inclination is to believe that he does believe in a god, since that's the direction his public statements seem to point in. I do seriously doubt, because of his positions on various public issues, that his religious commitment is anything resembling historic Christianity.

But I could be wrong. Nobody can look into another person's heart, and if Barack Obama says that he's a believer of some kind- even a Christian- I have no right to call that into question.

Rumors about his personal life aside, I'm willing to extend the same courtesy to Jack Kennedy. The rumors may not be true, and even if they are, believers, too, fall into sin at times.

I'm afraid  that I do believe that Richard Dawkins is an atheist, though. After all, he freely admits that he's sure that something that can't be disproven isn't true- and whatever that may say about either his intellectual integrity or his command of logic, I also have to take his word for it.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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