Barack Obama really is who the media tried to convince us Dubyah was

During the last administration, Dubyah's notorious infelicity with words was the source of constant mockery in the press and among the self-proclaimed elites. But Barack Obama's even greater problem with articulating a coherent thought without a script has been largely (and not unexpectedly) ignored by the same people.

Joe Biden's comic talent for saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time is, of course, a far more serious problem than the  difficulty with coherently articulating their thoughts suffered by both Bush the Younger and our present chief-of-state. But there's a a basic- and highly ironic- difference between Bush and Obama.

Ironically, it seems that Bush simply had problems putting his thoughts into words. But there's serious reason to doubt that our present leader has the slightest idea what's going on in his own administration.

Obamacare has made this all too clear. It's Barack Obama, not George W. Bush, who is chronically confused about substance.

Both men are in fact quite bright. It's just that President Obama is... well, confused about stuff.


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