Chris Sosa doesn't get it

Chris Sosa of "Salon" says that "Evangelcals" need to "tone down" their views on homosexuality in order to stay "relevant."

First off, opposition to homosexual behavior and to the redefinition of marriage isn't a peculiarity of that branch of Christianity called (with varying degrees of accuracy) "evangelical" Protestantism. Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy share it. So, in fact, does every Christian who seeks to remain faithful to the witness of Scripture, the apostolic tradition, and the Faith as it has been confessed down through the ages.

To depart from the Church's historic disapproval of homosexual behavior and from its confession of marriage as an institution which by definition involves members of both sexes would be to reject the Bible and the historic Christian faith. It would be to admit that Christianity is merely a made-up set of rules and doctrines that can be changed at will. And if that is the case, we're all better off if Christianity were to disappear just as Sosa suggests it might.

If that's the case, Christianity is already irrelevant, and always has been. Just as irrelevant as those denominations- which are all declining far faster than the "evangelicals," btw- who have already chosen the zeitgeist over the Faith once delivered to the saints.

But that's exactly what faithful Christians- "evangelical" and otherwise- deny. So you see. Mr. Sosa, your suggestion isn't going to work. And there are those of us who will decline to deny the Faith no matter what dirty names we're called, what we're accused of, and how few in number we become. Christianity, after all, has always done best as a small minority. It's when it becomes popular and fashionable and attracts the kind of nominal adherents who are vulnerable to appeals like Sosa's that it gets into trouble.

So enough of this dishonest business about "evangelicals" needing to change their teaching. When he (and his fellow clueless secularists) say "Evangelicals" in this context, they mean "the Christian faith." And besides, if Christianity were to change its teaching on homosexuality and/or gay "marriage," it would be then that it would become irrelevant.

Until then, there are those of us who will remain faithful, and the opinion polls and the sneers of the secularists be damned. Our faith is in Christ, not in public opinion. And in fact it's by doing as Mr. Sosa suggests that we really would become irrelevant- and admit as much before all the world.

As Stephen Schwartz paraphrased Jesus, "If salt has lost its savor, it ain't got much in its favor." And to change the consistent teaching of the Bible in every stratum and of the historic Christian faith about homosexuality in order to curry favor with an increasingly apostate public would be to lose our savor completely.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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