Conservative Catholics feel abandoned by loose-cannon pope

Seldom has a pope been more popular with atheists and the less-than-orthodox than Pope Francis is today.

And seldom have Catholics who adhere to what the Church has always taught felt more abandoned by the man whose job is to lead them.

The current occupant of the Chair Peter Never Sat On seems so intent on making nice-nice with unbelievers and heretics that he's beginning to make all of us who aspire to adhere to the apostolic faith- however they perceive it- wonder whose side he's on in the ongoing struggle between that faith and its detractors.

Even us Lutherans (in the historical, rather than nominal, sense of the word) are used to having the pope as an ally on issues like abortion and same-sex "marriage." But this guy seems not to have gotten the memo about what it means when the world is down with what the Church is saying and doing.

I really don't think he's doing it on purpose. But like the traditional Catholics quoted in the article, I wish he'd stop.

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