Get ready for an escalation of the War on Religion

Illinois has become the latest state to legalize that oxymoron, "same-sex marriage" (btw, note the bias of the Tribune article, which accepts without hesitation the spurious claim of supporters of the bill that it grants gays "equal rights." All gays and lesbians can presently marry people of the opposite gender- the only people which, by the very nature of the institution, anybody can marry. The notion that marriage has anything to do with "love" is a very recent and very sentimental innovation; law and custom have always been explicit on the point that marriage exists to give legal sanction and encouragement to child-bearing. The fact that we do not explicitly disqualify heterosexual couples who are too old to have children from getting married does not change that).

The unnatural arrangement contemplated by the new law will become legal in the Land of Lincoln the first of the year.

Meanwhile, Robert Gilligan of the National Catholic Conference explains why- despite the assurances of the secularist Left- the ability of Christians and others to simply live out their convictions on the matter under the protection of the First Amendment is in dire peril.

The War on Religion being waged by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party will only intensify. If you have any questions, ask Chik-fil-A. Or Christian employers being forced to enable employee's abortions. Or Christian businesses intimidated by terroristic threats or legally forced to violate their consciences by facing sanctions for "discrimination" over a behavior they disapprove of, not an ontological trait like race or gender (homosexual orientation as such is involuntary, and itself raises an issue only for the ignorant).

No, gay "marriage" won't compromise anybody's freedom of religion. And you can even keep your old health plan or doctor.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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