Health care for clunkers?

George Will compares the Obamacare fiasco with the administration's early "Cash for Clunkers" program- which also turns out to have been a catastrophic failure- and ponders whether there might be a pattern here.

Will advances an interesting thesis: that Barack Obama's failures have been so frequent and so numerous that he doesn't really have to take the heat for any one of them. I guess when you have the media in your pocket, even ineptitude can turn out to be an advantage.

This administration's only real "accomplishment" has been getting an incredibly unpopular health care bill passed, and somehow OKed by the Supreme Court. Now it's implementation is turning out to be a fiasco, and it's becoming increasingly clear that the promises made about keeping one's own health plan and/or doctor were so much hooey.

Now, remind me again why this guy was re-elected?


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