Now Illinoisans can be called 'Suckers' once again

Back in Lincoln's day, Illinois was known as the "Sucker State," and Illinoisans were called "Suckers" in much the same way as Indianans today are called "Hoosiers" or journalists "Democrats."

There are two theories as to the reason. One is that, when the rich lead deposits in Galena (at the extreme northwest of the state, just across the Mississippi River from Iowa), folks from central and southern Illinois and Missouri traveled en masse up the river to cash in, thereby imitating the migration patterns of the Mississippi River fish called the "sucker" (see illustration).

The other is that the word "sucker" also refers to the shoots that come off the main stems and roots of the tobacco plant, and that the word became an affectionate nickname for Virginians and North Carolinians who emigrated to southern Illinois to take advantage of the rich available farm land.

Either way, the consensus of our allies in the region seems to be that by reaching that nuclear arms agreement with Iran, President Obama has given the world fresh reason to call people who come from Illinois "suckers."

Ayatollah Khamanei is claiming victory.

Netanyahu's views are well-known.Now Israel has hinted that it now considers itself justified in taking unilateral action against Iran without consulting the United States. And Saudi Arabia is saying much the same thing.

Once again, the most diplomatically feckless administration in recent history has been played like a drum by the bad guys. And the world will pay the price.

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