What two things do Obamacare and dinosaurs have in common?

Obamacare in its present form is dead- and with it, any possible legacy for this president.

Extinct. Dead. Ancient history. A fit subject for paleontology.

Meanwhile, here's both an excellent analysis of what happened to Obamacare, and a critique both of this administration and of liberalism- excuse me, progressivism- generally. Basically, it argues that the fallacy involved is the same as that behind InGen's decision in the movie to go ahead with Jurassic Park.

BTW, how many of us have noticed how much the Obamacare fiasco has in common with the housing bubble that set off the economic meltdown of 2008 that the Democrats are so eager to blame (and not entirely without justification) on a president whose philosophy was predicated precisely on avoiding such presumptuous overreach?

If conservatives live in the Stone Age, as the Left so often maintains, what does this say about liberals progressives leftist dinosaurs?


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