Fooling Mother Nature- and ourselves

Here is an article on a concept which has been accepted as being at the heart of Western philosophy and jurisprudence for thousands of years, and the denial of which has gotten us to the messed-up place where people can marry folks of the same gender and people can lose their jobs for having unpopular political and religious convictions.

It's an area of dialogue in which the ethical revisionists who seem to have the upper hand right now in Western society can't win- and so they simply deny its validity. The result is ethical incoherence and a society which is literally losing its mind.

It's called natural law. The Apostle Paul embraces it in Romans 1. Thomas Jefferson uses it as the basis of his theoretical justification for liberal democracy. Thomas Aquinas used it as the basis for his Summa. It's been treated as the basis of ethical and philosophical discourse since the days of Socrates. But today's elites deny that it exists.

But denying the existence of the law of gravity doesn't make the lump on your head any smaller when an anvil falls on it.


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