Hold the outrage, and read the article

"Gay teacher fired after applying for marriage license," the headline in the New York Post reads.

You have to read the story to discover that this took place at a Catholic parochial school, and that the teacher's contract very reasonably required him to conform his public behavior to Catholic teaching.

The school had no right to ask that of him, you say? Well, actually, it did. Theirs is a religious institution whose goal is to inculcate Catholic teaching along with imparting a secular education to its students. And that goal is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

You know. The one the Left doesn't think applies to anyone it disagrees with.

The school had continued to employ the man despite the fact that his sexual orientation and his relationship with the man he "married" was known to it. Some might argue that it should have acted earlier. Instead, it chose to treat his sexuality with as much discretion and indulgence as it could- until he undertook to move it from the realm of private behavior to that of public legal status.

The teacher could have chosen to work at a public school, in which case the outrage over this incident would be perfectly justified. But despite the Obama administration's War on Religion and the increasing militancy of the more totalitarian elements of the Left when it comes to those it disagrees with exercising their First Amendment rights, freedom of religion remains the law in this country.

And God willing the Left will never be able to change that. The Right- propaganda to the contrary- does not aspire to.

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