Rebuttal, please.

Many on the Left charge many on the Right with being "anti-scientific." And many doubtless are. But what needs to be recognized is that a great deal of the skepticism in this country about what scientists tell us arises from the fact that science has been so thoroughly politicized in recent decades.  Ideology rather than data often influences the conclusions of the secular priesthood whose pronouncements we are supposed to accept as holy writ.

I personally am not a doctrinaire "denier" when it comes to global warming. I do think that its often hysterical announcers would be more convincing if they were less snarky and more humble- more willing to refute the "deniers" rather than simply telling them that they're stupid.

They can start with this.  And then they can go on to explain why both polar ice caps have grown in the past year- the northern one by fully one third.  And the fact that we've just passed on the whole a remarkably moderate year, climate wise.

See below:

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