Neuhaus's law in action

Writing in  the National Catholic Register, Francis Frawley Desmond weighs in on the progression from Catholic Mario Cuomo's equivocation on abortion to Catholic Andrew Cuomo's unseemly- and rather, well, extreme- embrace of it, quoting the late Lutheran-emeritus Fr. Richard John Neuhaus's dictum that "when orthodoxy is optional, it will eventually be prohibited."

Those increasingly rare and to all appearances  invincibly deluded orthodox Christians who remain in the ELCA are learning that lesson- or rather not learning it, despite the increasing sharpness with which it is being taught- even now, as that benighted church body's attitude toward orthodox dissenters becomes increasingly Stalinist. But in the Roman communion, it seems that it doesn't matter that the institution remains more or less kosher on matters like abortion and marriage deconstruction; adherence to what is supposedly confessed by mere membership in the institution is coming to be seen as "extreme."

The ancient Chinese curse is upon us: we live, indeed, in interesting times.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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