As that walrus was saying....

Seems that "lifelong Republican" Mark Jacobs, who is one of the GOP candidates seeking to succeed retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), contributed to the Senate campaign of New Jersey Democrat Jon Corzine.

Oops. In fairness, Corzine was the CEO of the company Jacobs worked for at the time.

Kathleen Parker observes- as I myself have often done- that President Obama seems to have a problem grasping the concept "religious liberty."

"Where's Ruth?" Apparently Hillary Clinton doesn't know.

And speaking of matters Clintonian, why is Rand Paul obsessed with Monica Lewinski?

This article is worth reading simply for its title.

While I personally think it's a load of foma, this guy thinks that Kurt Vonnegut wasn't reallyBonkononist.

Nicholas Hahn ponders Pope Francis's upcoming appointment of a successor to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's nemesis, retiring archbishop and culture warrior Francis Cardinal George.

And finally, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway- with whose orthodox Lutheranism I agree, though not so much with her libertarianism- thinks The Lego Movie is "the most subversive pro-liberty film ever."

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