County Board President Preckwinkle may challenge Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor next year

Chicago voters may have an interesting choice next year when it comes to which extremist they elect as their mayor.

It seems that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle-- an African-American woman and an Obama mentor- is considering challenging the man who won't let you open a restaurant in his city unless he likes your political and religious views.

Chicago is a city in big trouble, financially and in every other way. Emanuel certainly will have a hard time making a case for his re-election, though in Chicago making your case in such matters is less important than whose back you are in  a position to scratch. I would argue that he  deserves defeat; his behavior in the Chick-fil-A episode alone ought to disqualify him from further public service in any society which values the Bill of Rights, and I haven't noticed the murder rate dropping precipitately, the budget situation improving, or much other evidence that the city of my birth and youth has benefitted much from three years under The Godfather.

Now, Chicago has no shortage of political oddities, and doubtless it will be lots of fun no matter who challenges Hizzdishonor in 2015. But an Emanuel-Preckwinkle race would be an interesting intramural contest in the Obama camp just as the man himself prepares to exit office.

It'll be interesting who the guy in the Oval Office will support. I have a hunch that as Obama goes, so will go the sheep who have been following Chicago Democrats to the slaughterhouse even before the Union Stockyards were ever built.


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