If you're a 'sicko,' stay away from Cuba!

Of all the lies so readily believed by "progressives," the notion that Cuba has a model health care system is one of the most widespread.

Cuba's system is very impressive indeed- if you're a Party member. Until fairly recently, foreign visitors got to use that wonderful health care system, too. But if you're a usually, everyday Cuban, you're lucky if you can get yourself an aspirin.

More detailed information on that point here.

Tom Harken, my (thankfully) soon-to-be-retired senator, is a gullible sort- even gullible enough to be taken in by the Cuban health care nirvana lie. 

But then, most "progressives" are. No lie is too big if you're determined enough to believe Michael Moore. But even Al Jazreea- which seems to have bought at least some of the propaganda- is more perceptive on this point than they are.


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