Kritarchy in Virginia: once again, political correctness and a judges' preferences trump law and logic on same-sex "marriage"

Yet another Federal judge has abused her powers to impose her personal views on same-sex marriage on the body politic without anything resembling reasonable legal or constitutional grounds.

This time, it was even in the South, the most traditional and socially conservative part of the country.

U.S. District Court Judge Arenda Wright Allen based her ruling overturning Virginia's popularly-ratified ban on same-sex "marriage" on the extra-legal and extra-constitutional grounds of "inclusivity," choosing to ignore the many  differences, both practical and legal, which make marriage between men and women on one hand and "marriage" between members of the same gender a matter of comparing apples and oranges. As is the case generally with those taking her view, "discrimination" apparently can exist even in cases so dissimilar that a comparison between the two is meaningless.

Which is certainly the case in comparing traditional marriage with the same-sex parody of the same. Decades of sound research showing inherent instability in gay and especially lesbian relationships and the nearly total lack of any expectation of sexual monogamy in even "committed" male homosexual relationships are ignored in favor of small-sampled and deeply-flawed "studies" reaching the politically correct conclusions the "researchers" themselves set out to reach, while the American constitutional democracy deteriorates into what our Canadian neighbors already have- a kritarchy, or government not by constitution or law, but by judges and their bare personal preferences.

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