No, Christians are NOT more likely to divorce than secular Americans!

It's not enough that the militant Left has been flooding us with propaganda falsifying the data on same-sex relationships (it's been well-established for decades that even "caring and committed" same-sex male couples are rarely sexually monogamous, and- despite the bizarre attempts in some quarters to actually suggest that same-sex relationships are somehow better than  normal ones- that both gay and lesbian relationships are inherently more tumultuous  far less stable than heterosexual ones).

Now they're actually coming up with studies claiming that Christian couples are more likely to divorce than the general population. In fact, that study shows a slightly larger percentage of conservative Christians divorcing today than less-conservative ones. But the most like to divorce by far remain those who are secular Americans!

An examination of those studies here.

It would be nice if the social Left would argue honestly. But if it did, it would lose. Which is why we've had to wait until our media was so thoroughly populated by badly-informed secularist partisans to sell the very, very weak case for same-sex "marriage," abortion on demand, and the other abominations which have become accepted by our rapidly degenerating society.

If you think the above paragraph is an overstatement, try writing a letter to editor pointing out what the statistics say about male homosexual monogamy and/or the instability of homosexual relationships. Point out the problems with the statistics their advocates cite, and document your case by citing far larger, methodologically superior studies that have been around for years without being challenged.

There is very little likelihood that it will be published.


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