Plantinga on the irrationality of atheism

Here's an interesting interview with Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga on a proposition which I also maintain: that atheism is essentially irrational.

There are a thousand things every atheist believes which cannot be empirically observed and demonstrated. On the other hand, no atheist has yet come up with an explanation for the transition from non-living matter to living and even self-aware beings that is anything other than laughable.

Or, on the other hand, fessed up to the fact that Carl Sagan's appeal to Occam's Razor doesn't work: the notion that physical matter has always existed may save a step in explaining the existence of the universe, but in a natural universe in which entropy rather than stability is the rule it doesn't fit the known facts nearly as well as the prior existence of an agency which is beyond the rules which govern the created- the word is deliberately chosen- order.

An eternal Creator Who is beyond the rules of nature simply makes more sense than the notion that literally everything that exists is the result of at least one  accident- usually thousands-  each of whose probability is on the order of a perfect copy of  the Complete Works of William Shakespeare being accidentally typed by a chimpanzee banging away on a mechanical typewriter.

Atheists believe a thousand things less likely than the existence of God before breakfast.

HT: Real Clear Religion


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